I am originally form Pakistan, born and raised in Peshawar, and currently based in Basel (Switzerland), where I am working with swisspeace. Before swisspeace, I was based in Australia, where I was working with the NSW Government. I have completed my Masters in Public Policy from the University of Erfurt, Germany, (in 2014) and finished my PhD in Politics from the University of Newcastle, Australia, (in 2019). My areas of focus include gender just peacebuilding, public policy, Indigenous peace and conflict resolution, counter-extremism and counter-insurgency. I have also published a Book with Routledge along with a number of papers in journals and chapters in edited volumes.

Since 2010, I have worked in four industries namely:

  • Non-profit Sector
  • Academia
  • Public Policy (Government)
  • Energy Sector

I have also attended various national and international conferences in countries such as Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Slovakia, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have also frequently written for various national and international news sources on issues ranging from Central and South Asia to counter terrorism and global war on terror.

You can email me farukyusaf.at.gmail.com, alternatively, you can contact me on my LinkedIn here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/farooqyousaf