Parachinar cries, yet no one listens – Farooq Yousaf

Source: Daily Times Pakistan yesterday marked a grim start to Eid, mainly due to a deadly inferno killing more than 150 people in Bahawalpur. It was hard to ignore and also digest images of charred bodies of poor people merely hoping to collect a litre or two of free fuel. It was equally sad to learnContinue reading “Parachinar cries, yet no one listens – Farooq Yousaf”

Pakistan: an ‘overdeveloped’ post-colonial state – Farooq Yousaf

Source: Daily Times When it comes to political debates and discourse, Pakistanis, like many other nations, believe that they know just about everything regarding the state of affairs and politics in their country. Very little, or no, attention is given to the pre-partition political past, and how the country ended up with weak democratic structures.Continue reading “Pakistan: an ‘overdeveloped’ post-colonial state – Farooq Yousaf”

Pakistan’s Pashtun Profiling – Farooq Yousaf

Source : The Diplomat When Donald Trump recently announced a partial ban on the entry of Muslims from certain countries, the Pakistani mainstream media, as well as political elites, engaged in scathing critiques of the Trump administration. Yet within a matter of days, Pakistan has gone one step ahead of Trump. It is not onlyContinue reading “Pakistan’s Pashtun Profiling – Farooq Yousaf”

Who defines Violent Non-State Actors in international politics?

Farooq Yousaf Source: The Nation December 14, 2016, witnessed a surprising unfolding of events in Syria, with the Assad forces declaring a victory over the rebel groups in Eastern Aleppo. There were mixed scenes of misery and jubilation on the social and electronic media, with majority of the social media focused on the alleged brutalityContinue reading “Who defines Violent Non-State Actors in international politics?”

‘Collective Punishment’ in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas – Farooq Yousaf

Source: The Diplomat On November 1, following the death of a Pakistan Army major, the political agent ordered the demolition of a two-story market in Wana, South Waziristan, citing a clause of collective responsibility and punishment in the Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR). This was yet another example of a constitutional dilemma that Pakistan is currentlyContinue reading “‘Collective Punishment’ in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas – Farooq Yousaf”

Afghanistan’s Corruption Dilemma

(Image Credit – Bay Ismoyo/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images) Farooq Yousaf October 7, this year, marked 15 years of US invasion of Afghanistan and its – still ongoing – war on terror post 9/11 attacks. With little, or no, progress over the years, the situation on ground in Afghanistan remains bleak in terms of security and economy.Continue reading “Afghanistan’s Corruption Dilemma”

The Curious Case of Sharbat Gula – The Green Eyed Afghan Girl – Farooq Yousaf

(Photo Credit: AP) Pakistan was recently facing a PR nightmare when Sharbat Gula – the once famous National Geographic Afghan girl – was deported to her native Afghanistan. Gula was accused of forgery, living in Pakistan using fake identity, and thus was not only detained, but was later sent back to Afghanistan. Gula first gained internationalContinue reading “The Curious Case of Sharbat Gula – The Green Eyed Afghan Girl – Farooq Yousaf”

Will Pakistan learn from its mistakes with Afghanistan to save its ties with Iran?

By: Farooq Yousaf Even though tensions between Islamabad and Kabul over the Torkham border crossing are yet to be settled, Pakistan has laid the foundation of “Pakistan Gate” near the Iranian border in Taftan. The gate is said to check any illegal trade occurring via Iran, and also help the border guards effectively manage andContinue reading “Will Pakistan learn from its mistakes with Afghanistan to save its ties with Iran?”