Lessons from Afghanistan’s Post-9/11 Peace-building Project

Dr Farooq Yousaf Peace is an integral concept in the discourses and practices of International Relations (IR). There are varying definitions and “perceptions” of peace, especially when it comes to the material and conceptual divide between the Global North and the Global South. It is important to acknowledge the contributions of discursive constructions of peace,Continue reading “Lessons from Afghanistan’s Post-9/11 Peace-building Project”

SwissPeace Policy Brief – US withdrawal and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan: Future Policy Directions

Dr Farooq Yousaf and Moheb Jabarkhail Abstract: This policy brief informs on the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and what the future holds for the war-torn country under a Taliban regime. The brief discusses recent developments in the country, Taliban’s PR campaign and the (grim) situation for gender and media rights under the TalibanContinue reading “SwissPeace Policy Brief – US withdrawal and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan: Future Policy Directions”

FATA and Reforms for the Land of the “Unknown” – Farooq Yousaf

Militants, guns, lawlessness, drugs, kidnapping for ransom, and illicit trade: these are some of the terms Pakistanis, elsewhere, have long associated with the country’s Ilaqa-e-ghair (land of the unknown), or the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (commonly known as Fata). Fata, since Pakistan’s inception, has been treated as a lesser and unequal part of the countryContinue reading “FATA and Reforms for the Land of the “Unknown” – Farooq Yousaf”

Pakistan’s Missing Human Rights Activists

Five activists have disappeared in recent weeks, including poet Salman Haider.   Salman Haider — a Pakistani poet, human rights activist, and academic — wrote an Urdu poem in July last year highlighting the disappearances of activists and his friends in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. Ironically, he also predicted in his poem that he could soonContinue reading “Pakistan’s Missing Human Rights Activists”