Tips and links for PhD and Masters Scholarships (Social Sciences and Humanities)

I have been receiving a number of messages from friends and colleagues on procedures and tips regarding scholarships abroad (especially in Western universities). So, I decided to write a note on the steps and the resources that I have come across over the years. You have to keep in mind that I am a PublicContinue reading “Tips and links for PhD and Masters Scholarships (Social Sciences and Humanities)”

Pakistan’s counter-extremism narrative called into question – Farooq Yousaf

Originally Published at East Asia Forum At the conclusion of the recent BRICS summit, observers were surprised to see the BRICS nations issue a unanimous declaration indirectly chiding Pakistan and asking Islamabad to take concerted action against militant and extremist groups. This move came as a surprise following the recent alignment of China and Russia with Pakistan onContinue reading “Pakistan’s counter-extremism narrative called into question – Farooq Yousaf”

An effective CVE policy needed for Pakistan – Farooq Yousaf

The major focus of the policy against extremism ought to be on structural causes like lack of religious tolerance, government failures and political, economic, and social marginalisation By Farooq Yousaf Counter-terror and military operations have remained a major part of Pakistan’s security policy since 2004. Yet, even with such a heavy-handed focus on security, PakistanContinue reading “An effective CVE policy needed for Pakistan – Farooq Yousaf”

Why Israel still remains a ‘tricky’ subject in Pakistan

Pakistani PM Imran Khan, while speaking an at Asia Society event, was unequivocal in his stance when asked about Pakistan possibly establishing diplomatic ties with Israel.  Responding to a question whether Pakistan was shifting its foreign policy towards Israel, the Pakistani PM said: Pakistan has a very straightforward position. It was our founder of PakistanContinue reading “Why Israel still remains a ‘tricky’ subject in Pakistan”

Need for better Australia Pakistan ties – Farooq Yousaf

Source: DailyTimes ‘CHOGM chance to push India as counter to China in the Pacific’, was the headline of an opinion piece published in The Australian — one of the most read newspapers in Australia — on 18 April 2018. This headline suggested the duality of the current policy shift within Australia, which is warming upContinue reading “Need for better Australia Pakistan ties – Farooq Yousaf”

The democratic ramifications of Nawaz Sharif’s ousting

By: Farooq Yousaf, University of Newcastle On 28 July, the Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified the now former prime minister Nawaz Sharif from public office. Sharif and his family have been embroiled in a legal battle since their names appeared in the infamous Panama Papers in April 2016. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi — also a member ofContinue reading “The democratic ramifications of Nawaz Sharif’s ousting”

Parachinar cries, yet no one listens – Farooq Yousaf

Source: Daily Times Pakistan yesterday marked a grim start to Eid, mainly due to a deadly inferno killing more than 150 people in Bahawalpur. It was hard to ignore and also digest images of charred bodies of poor people merely hoping to collect a litre or two of free fuel. It was equally sad to learnContinue reading “Parachinar cries, yet no one listens – Farooq Yousaf”

Pakistan: an ‘overdeveloped’ post-colonial state – Farooq Yousaf

Source: Daily Times When it comes to political debates and discourse, Pakistanis, like many other nations, believe that they know just about everything regarding the state of affairs and politics in their country. Very little, or no, attention is given to the pre-partition political past, and how the country ended up with weak democratic structures.Continue reading “Pakistan: an ‘overdeveloped’ post-colonial state – Farooq Yousaf”

Pakistan’s Pashtun Profiling – Farooq Yousaf

Source : The Diplomat When Donald Trump recently announced a partial ban on the entry of Muslims from certain countries, the Pakistani mainstream media, as well as political elites, engaged in scathing critiques of the Trump administration. Yet within a matter of days, Pakistan has gone one step ahead of Trump. It is not onlyContinue reading “Pakistan’s Pashtun Profiling – Farooq Yousaf”

FATA and Reforms for the Land of the “Unknown” – Farooq Yousaf

Militants, guns, lawlessness, drugs, kidnapping for ransom, and illicit trade: these are some of the terms Pakistanis, elsewhere, have long associated with the country’s Ilaqa-e-ghair (land of the unknown), or the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (commonly known as Fata). Fata, since Pakistan’s inception, has been treated as a lesser and unequal part of the countryContinue reading “FATA and Reforms for the Land of the “Unknown” – Farooq Yousaf”